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This is a custom designed piece I did for zerozsaber a little bit ago, Keyblade tips to an industrial piercing.  Turned out great, but it did take them a little bit to get a place to tap the sides (tapping means taking the metal with the hole inserts I made and threading it so they’d be able to be screwed on the bar) but I think the finished piece was well worth it!

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So, I’m in Japan.  I live in Yokohama right now, and am preparing for this big typhoon, which should be interesting.  Lots of booze and snacks make it all better from what I understand, right?


The news that Blizzard canceled Titan after the 7 years of development really hit me hard in particular.  I had applied maybe a dozen times over the years, starting in 2008, to work on he game, even before I knew of the code name.  I really hope that at some point they’ll compile some kind of book, concept art, story lines, ideas, what have you, and give the game a send off. 

Or a little article or something.  I’m not too picky


Ahhh I forgot to thank soahc5321 for this beautiful Midna ring! The detail is amazing and everything I could’ve hoped for. Such a great ring, perfect for Twilight Princess fans. I’m sure midna would be proud.

Thanks!  Glad it turned out well!

Master Quest

So, as much as I love OoT, I had never gotten around to playing the Master Quest version of the game.  Missed out on the Gamecube version of it, and then just didn’t manage to get my hands on it.  However, I finally was given a 3DS version of OoT, and have been working on the MQ version for a couple days now.

What the hell.

Whoever re-designed the Water Temple needs to be taken out back and beaten with a rubber hose.  Who the hell let that guy design?!  I love the original Water Temple, and I love trying to break games even more, but it’s like they they weren’t even trying!  The WT was the first of the Adult Link temples that I even set foot in, and it was, in polite terms, a joke.  A farce.  You only needed about 50% of the actual dungeon to get to and kill the boss, the rest of it was just fancy ways to hide gold Skultullas.  The very first chest I opened was the Longshot, and it was just *sitting there*.  Also, for some reason, the *covered* the level in boxes!    Less the Water Temple, more the Water “Closet where we store our old winter clothes and other sundries”.  I didn’t even have the bow and I blew through it.  Din’s Fire was used more than the Longshot was.  Arghhh!!!

Also, terrible, terrible design on Jabu-Jabu’s belly (WTF is up with all of the cows?)  And piss poor design on the forest temple.  The whole dungeon was basically one long path with lots of locks on it, and you had to traverse the entire length of it to get back and forth if you don’t have one of the 5 keys needed.  Also, very first chest I found?  Boss key.  And the gold Skulltullas were just kind of ….placed around the level.  They weren’t even hidden, they were just kind of sunning themselves on flat surfaces, afterthoughts at best.

Alright, I should have things much more set up this weekend, so hopefully I’ll be able to work on things starting Monday.

On a side note, I’m in Japan, and I went to an electronics store on the release day of the 3DS version of SSB, and it was just chaos.  They had a huge waiting list for the little figurines, I was sad :(  Want me a Samus and a Link!

I’m alive

Ugh, I’m having such a rough time getting everything set up here.  My computer is not cooperating with the programs I need, and internet is an even bigger headache.  I’m sitting in a mall and leaching WiFi from…somewhere.  Not really sure about that. 

But, I haven’t given up, and I’m still working hard to try and make sure that I am going to be able to get some new work up, at some point.  Thank you for your patience!

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I’ve not been posting much recently, and for that I’m sorry!  Stuff has been busy recently, with some big life developments.

First of all, I no longer work for the jewelry company that I once did.  I can direct you to them, and we can all work together if there’s something custom you want done, but I’m no longer going to be there every day.

The reason for this, is that I’m moving!  This time next week, I’ll be residing in Japan for the following 10 months!  I’m probably going to set up a little side tumblr for writings and pictures for that, but I doubt it’ll be anything too terribly interesting. 

So I’ve been super busy the last couple days getting my apartment packed up and everything situated, including getting a laptop that I’ll be able to do some jewelery work on if I have the chance.  The going has not been easy, the first 2 I picked out both broke on me within the first 3 days of ownership, thankfully returning them wasn’t *too* much of a headache.  Also, been having….fun… with the subletters, so that’s eaten up so much of my time as well.

At the end of it, I’m still going to be working on new pieces, albeit at a somewhat slower pace.  The Shapeways store is still going to be open, and you’ll still be able to get stuff from there.  I’m going to continue uploading new pieces and sizes, hopefully, as well as continuing to be available for custom work and other requests.

What is wrong with Giving Tree here?

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Spent some time fancying up the Hylian Shield ring I made for myself.  Upgrades include plating the Triforce with gold, and adding an antique finish to the base. 

It really makes the details pop out quite a bit, and the gold plating is really nice, even better in person.

I want one :(

I can make you one if you like.  We could work through my Shapeways site, and you’d have to go to a jeweler to get the gold plating and antiquing done later, but this is something you could have on your finger in a few weeks.

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Digital painting practice with Hilda as my subject because I’ve been avoiding rendered work for too long. I think I’m finally starting to develop a painting style that I like!


Digital painting practice with Hilda as my subject because I’ve been avoiding rendered work for too long. I think I’m finally starting to develop a painting style that I like!

Tali’Zorah vas YourHand!  I’ve taken the iconic Quarian enviro-suit helmet and adapted it to fit nicely on the finger of your choosing.  My program didn’t have a proper default stone for the center, so I had to fiddle with it until I got something I liked, but if you were to make this stone to represent Tali herself, I’d recommend going with a pink Jade.  You could also do rose quartz, amethyst, or any other pink/purpleish gem or stone.  Or, do a different Quarian, and chose your own color.


The jeweler finished this and I really wanted to show you the finished product because I am so glad I took a chance, and I couldn’t be any happier, it is amazing.  Here are some pics I took,  if you want to use any of them go ahead :) It looks just like your render, so beautiful thank you again @_@

So you might remember mattyaj as being the first person who sent in pictures to me of the Fused Shadow he ordered from my Shapeways shop.  They then wanted to know about the Twilight Princess Zelda crown.  I told ‘em that I felt bad selling something unfinished, but they assured me that they didn’t mind, and would take the steps to procure the right stone and have it set, so I put the model up and set the wheels in motion.

A little while later, they were kind enough to provide me with these beautiful pictures of the finished product.  I might just have to start selling these base metal pieces, because it turned out amazingly well!  It’ll require a little more work once you receive the ring, but the results speak for themselves.

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So, my internet finally agreed with me, and I was able to upload those sizes I talked about so long ago.  The Fused Shadow ring is now available in straight sizes 4-11!