So, this is what I came up with.  The client direction was almost non-existent on this one, which is wildly different from most occurrences.  This ring is pretty unique, as it’s one of only two or three entries things I’ve shown here that I’ve made for a client.  It’s even more unique, as I was only given a picture of the crest itself, and a link to another jeweler that had done a Zelda motif on a engagement ring previously.  I was actually very familiar with the other jeweler’s work, and I was not about to lift a design from a fellow fan.  So, I spent a couple days thinking about this one, working out all the details, and sat down today to make it real.

The entirety of the ring is a homage to the Zelda series.  The entirety of the band is patterned in the style of the blade of the Master Sword, who’s pommel forms two of the prongs that secure the stone down.  The obvious Hylian Crest forms the other two prongs, and cradles the center stone.

And the stone itself?  A “Princess” cut.

UPDATE: If you’re curious about getting one of these for yourself, send me a message.  I also do commissions!